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Our Mission



Global STEM Institutes have been involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math for one specific reason, to make these challenging areas easy to understand. We are constantly looking for ways to provide education to our next generation of learners in a fun and simple way. This will open the door to the opportunity to build their confidence and narrow into the field of their interest in post-secondary schools.



As part of our initiatives, we have created a fun and exciting game that help Middle and High school students to practice their school subjects while playing a game. The HWHP game will be complementing their studies in many subjects. The emphasis is on concepts, critical thinking, and applications of concepts with STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in mind.

Spacecraft in Orbit

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  • What is "Houston We Have a Problem" ?"
    Houston We Have a Problem (HWHP) is an app designed to help Middle and High school students practice their school subjects while playing a game as a self-tutor.
  • What will I learn if I play the game?
    HWHP covers 9 essential subjects for Middle and High School subjects
  • Does the HWHP game App covers all topics and domains in the subject played?
    No. We have tried to include almost all the topics and domains in the HWHP game.
  • Is HWHP game a substitute for the school subject?
    No. HWHP game provides many practice questions for the subject played, but is not a substitute.
  • Other than questions and answers, what else is provided in the game?"
    Explanation of answers are given in a "Solution" form. Also, "Hints" are given for more challenging questions.
  • Can you ignore or skip the email section?
    No. The game requires three distinct email address, student, parents and teacher. This way students, parents, and teachers will get reports on weekly basis.
  • How much is the price of one, two, three, or 6  subjects?"
    One subject for $9.99, 2 subjects for $15.99, 3 Subjects for $25.99 and 6 for $49.99. You can also purchase the 9 subjects at the same time.
  • Is there any subscription?
    No. The app is a one-time purchase.
  • Does my information stay confidential? Are the email addresses confidential?
    Yes. HWHP App follows privacy and confidentiality standards, for more information ont his please visit our Privacy Policy section at the bottom of the page.
  • Does HWHP require an update?
    Yes. We are continuously adding new content. You will be receiving notifications for updates.
  • How long can I use the HWHP App?
    HWHP App is active for one year from the date of purchase.
  • How often are the winners selected?
    Your name will be entered to win a prize as you purchase the HWHP App and also when you finish each level. We will have weekly drawings on Saturdays and the winner announcement by Tuesdays.
  • What are the prizes?
    We have picked many educational prizes from our affiliates such as a Parallax robot, Solidworks student software, Testout IT classes, and many more.
  • How do I receive my prize?
    We will email the winners and set up direct shipment.
  • Can I return the HWHP App for refund?
    No, All sales are final.
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