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We know how hard it is for parents to monitor their children's school progress. I have spoken with many friends who spend time and money on tutoring. Global Stem Institutes has created an Educational App (HWHP) that provides weekly monitoring of your children's performance. This tool covers, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Economics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, with Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. The questions will cover the majority of USA curriculum standards topics and domains.

Please refer to the curriculum tab for more details. There are 900 questions per subject, 300 per level. The levels are designed based on topics and domains covered in a school year progressively. Students will have access to a calculator and summary sheets. Hints will be provided after 50% of the elapsed time. The practice part is unlimited time and with answers and solutions to the problems. The HWHP App only provides practice time for the subject that you have chosen. This App does NOT replace your classroom or online learning with your school. It is recommended to practice each subject for at least 10-20 minutes per day.

There is no subscription. There is a one-time cost of $9.99 per subject, $15.99 for two subjects, and $25.99 for three subjects.


We know students might take more than three subjects in a school year, so we have come up with a special price of $49.99 for six subjects. As students play the game, they might need more time, so they can get 5 minutes of in app purchase for $0.99. Your payment will be collected when you purchase the app in Apple Store. Please note there is no refund and all purchases are final.

Our high school students are not sure what field or profession they want to get into. They try a few subjects and hopefully they find the one that they would like as their field of study which finally turns into a job. We have hand-picked a few of the necessary tools that are used in industry today for our high school students to download for free and practice. We have looked at the industries that will demand such skills and talent and provided the necessary tools for free. Please refer to the Perk tab for more details.

Emails will be sent out to students, parents, and teachers on weekly basis. Certificate of completion of each level will be emailed to the students, parents, and teachers. Names are drawn for prizes on weekly basis from the participants.

Science Class
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  • Build confidence, start with easy and go to advance

  • On average Students complete homework early, they use their time to play and learn

  • If students play a productive game, they do not waste time playing a destructive game

  • Students can play in Practice Mode indefinitely

  • Test Mode is timed, creates a sense of urgency, prepare to function under pressure

  • Make learning fun, they are learning while being entertained

  • Think outside the box, use concepts and come up with a creative answer

  • Students get to be working on questions by themselves or in groups in classroom

  • Player access to resources such summary sheet and calculator

  • Weekly emails will be sent out to student, parents, and teachers to report the progress

Sample The Curriculums


We want to show you all the Sample Curriculums for every subject! Help us understand who is visiting our website by subscribing to our site to get a

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